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Football & Event Steward Physical Intervention, Control & Restraint Training

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"Intelligensa continue to provide outstanding training to staff at Arsenal Football Club. They have met our needs entirely, giving staff the skills, knowledge and confidence to perform their roles"

Sharon Cicco, Event Safety and Security Manager, Arsenal Football Club

Intelligensa are a specialist national provider of training & consultancy services in Physical Intervention. 


This training is suitable for any sector that may encounter aggression or challenging behaviour at work. It is suitable for Football & Event Stewards where Physical Intervention may be necessary combined with Conflict Management skills.


We provide high quality, affordable training 7 days a week offering day, twilight and evening sessions. With a completely flexible approach we have 100% customer satisfaction. 


Delivered at your venue, we will train any size group from 2 delegates upwards and charge per head, so no more paying for spaces you don't need! The price includes a certificate per delegate.


All our staff hold teaching qualifications and multiple subject qualifications.

We are affiliated to, licensed by and quality assured by the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS) and awarding bodies for Pearson Edexcel and Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC).


'Competent staff are confident staff'

We deliver courses in:

  • Conflict Management training​
  • Physical Intervention skills
  • Cordon training
  • Handcuffing
  • 'Reasonable force' training
  • Powers to eject and trespass
  • Powers of arrest
  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • Human Rights legislation
  • Football and sporting event legislation
  • Recognising and avoiding Positional Asphyxia
  • Notebook rules and giving evidence
  • First Aid at Work training
  • Level 2 Spectator Safety
  • Level 3 Spectator Safety

Physical Intervention Course


We can train your staff how to safely hold people at risk of harming themselves or others


Course duration is for approximately 4 hours but can be extended to include further breakaway and self defence techniques if required.

Session 1 includes:

The laws governing the use of force,

The Health and Safety at Work Act, 

The Human Rights Act,

Government guidance on techniques NOT to be used,

Avoiding and detecting Positional Asphyxia.

Session 2 includes:


Instruction and practice of:

Safe holding techniques,

Breakaway techniques,

Physical intervention techniques.

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Handcuffs and Soft Restraint Equipment


The use of handcuffs pevents prolonged restraint (where police are not on site) and therefore reduces the risk of injury to both the staff and the detainee.


For further information, please click on our handcuffed man.

1 Day Conflict Management Course


We can train your staff to diffuse conflict before it escalates to the next level


The one day course includes:

How stress and fear affects the human body,

The differences between aggression, anger and violence,

Communication skills,

Some practical models to assess and reduce conflict including relevant sector scenarios.


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BTEC Courses

These are nationally recognised courses in physical intervention and restraint for those working in event safety.


2 Day Edexcel Disengagement and Non Restrictive Physical Intervention course.

This course teaches non restrictive physical intervention techniques.


3 Day Edexcel Disengagement and Physical Intervention course.

This course teaches restrictive physical intervention techniques. It is more advanced and detailed than the one day course.


2 Day Edexcel Conflict Management Course

This course follows the one day syllabus above but is more advanced and detailed. One day is completed through distance learning. Full course content details are available below. 

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Trainers demonstrating physical intervention to football event stewards Trainers demonstrating physical intervention to football event stewards





Please click our bookshelf for detailed course content information.