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Local Authority Case Study

Harrow Council Case Study


Council officers better equipped to handle aggressive behaviour following training by Intelligensa

About Harrow Council - Harrow Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Harrow in Greater London. It is one of 33 London borough councils.

The Challenge - As well as supporting its communities, Harrow Council recognises that it has a duty of care to its officers, in ensuring their safety whilst they are out working in the borough. Environmental Health Officers, Pest Control Officers and Food Safety Officers attend private and business addresses on their own or in pairs as part of their daily routine. They are often faced with angry members of the public and most of these officers had never received any formal training on dealing with people who display aggressive behaviour.

The Council sought Intelligensa’s expert advice and asked them to deliver practical and effective training to help these officers.


The Solution - Through a series of talks and workshops, Intelligensa provided council officers with information on how to stay safe and taught them some simple but effective self-defence techniques. To ensure that they acted within the law, these officers were also advised on reasonable force they can take to defend themselves against in aggressive circumstances.

Conflict management training, also delivered by Intelligensa, empowered the officers with the knowledge to prevent, reduce and resolve conflict. They discovered how to identify potential risks to their personal safety and discussed the psychology of working under stress.


The Result - The council officers showed greater confidence and gained a better understanding of the techniques they could adopt to overcome aggressive behaviour. They felt more knowledgeable on how to proactively manage these situations and how to use preventative measures to avoid conflict.

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