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Lone Worker Case Study

Swan New Homes Case Study


Intelligensa successfully delivers valuable self defence training and increases confidence in vulnerable, lone workers 

About Swan New Homes - Award winning, Swan New Homes, builds new houses in desirable locations across East London and Essex. They have completed a number of major developments, with more currently under construction.


The Challenge - Swan New Homes are committed to ensuring the safety of all their staff. Sales staff, in particular, often work alone in show homes and felt vulnerable when dealing with clients. The company approached Intelligensa to deliver advice directly to their sales staff to improve their personal safety and teach them with simple self-defence techniques.


The Solution - Intelligensa worked closely with Swan New Homes to compile a bespoke training package to meet the needs of their staff. Personal safety talks were given to sales staff to aid their confidence. Intelligensa also delivered basic conflict management training to help staff recognise signs of conflict and resolve issues quickly. In case conflict situations escalated, staff were given practical and effective self-defence instruction, together with information on reasonable force they can undertake to protect themselves.


The Result - Staff feedback indicated that their confidence had significantly increased when meeting customers. They also felt more equipped to deal with angry or aggressive clients, thereby contributing to a safer working environment.

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