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Covid-19 - Keeping everyone safe

Please note: We will adhere to all current Covid-19 government requirements, which may supercede those listed below


We recommend that employers consider the following points in relation to the ongoing pandemic and have control measures still in place:


  • 1. Minimise face-to-face contact (time when social distancing cannot be maintained)
  • 2. Requirement to wear face coverings for practical Positive Handling and Physical intervention skills training, and First Aid training
  • 3. For trainer/delegate demonstrations, facemasks must be worn by all involved.


In line with HSE guidance, organisations should also have:

  • 1. Adequate ventilation
  • 2. Good hygiene protocols
  • 3. Sufficient cleaning
  • 4. A training room large enough to accommodate the course to be delivered to the number of delegates attending, without compromising the safety and welfare of any delegate attending. Physical skills courses require a minimum of 2mfor each person in the room

Safety is our paramount concern for both your staff and our trainers.


Covid - 19 risk reduction steps that can be taken if required are detailed below

The training area must be large enough to accommodate the number of delegates and maintain any social distance rules. Training may take place outside if suitable

Delegates will be required to wash hands and/or use handgel after each technique taught. Training areas will be cleaned before the course starts

Facemasks will be worn by trainers and delegates where social distancing cannot be maintained.

                                                                                Delegates and trainers should be prepared to undertake a contactless temperature check.

Delegates will be allocated fixed, small groups to work within for any practical training. This enables staff to stay within their bubbles where possible

                                                                                           We have followed the government guidance on managing the risk of Covid-19. A risk assessement has been competed & we comply with all hygeine guidance. We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home & maintain social distancing.

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