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2 Day PMVA, Control & Restraint Course



Delivered at your venue this is a 2 day course (14 hrs min)


This course includes advanced level control and restraint skills, Conflict Management and Breakaway techniques.


Often delivered by other trainers as a 3 day course, we deliver the content in 2 days, saving you time and money


The content can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Typical course content includes:

  • The use of force
  • The Health and Safety at Work Act
  • The Human Rights Act
  • Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
  • Clarification of techniques that should not be used following NHS guidance
  • Avoiding and detecting positional asphyxia
  • NHS Positive and Proactive Care - Reducing the need for restrictive interventions (where applicable)
  • Conflict management and de-escalation techniques
  • Instruction and practice of breakaway and self-defence techniques (where applicable)
  • Instruction and practice of low risk physical intervention techniques
  • Instruction and practice of higher risk (advanced) restrictive physical intervention techniques

All successful candidates will be awarded a certificate. Refresher training should be completed annually.



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