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Managing Challenging Behaviour

We offer courses that enable staff to deal with challenging behaviour.

Typically these are ideal for those working in the care sector, health sector, schools, as foster carers, in children's services or anyone faced with challenging behaviour.


Staff will learn about different forms of challenging and threatening behaviour and what triggers it, how to avoid it and some simple 'tools' to diffuse it. The courses are adapted for the client depending on their needs.


Outstanding and affordable, our training is available 7 days a week, including evenings. Small groups welcomed.


"Absolutely excellent training. The trainer was very engaging and kept the level of interest high throughout the day. The use of PowerPoint was also excellent - no reading from overheads and the use of film clips kept the interest high." - Foster Carer

Managing Challenging Behaviour Course - 3 hours

This 3 hour course is ideal for those working in schools, as foster carers or in the health and care sectors. It helps staff understand the various types of challenging behaviour and what causes it, and then gives some useful tools to assist in managing it.

Managing Challenging Behaviour and Breakaway Course

This is a 1 day course that looks at various types of challenging behaviour. It looks into recognising behaviour that may be challenging and having strategies to avoid it. The course looks at the law regarding the use of force and some simple and effective breakaway techniques, effective for both low and high risk situations.

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