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2 Day BTEC Level 2 Award in Disengagement and Non-Restrictive Physical Intervention (PMVA)

Delivered at your venue, this is a 2 day course designed to train people in non-restrictive (low level challenging behaviour) physical intervention and disengagement skills for staff dealing with those displaying challenging behaviour.


This BTEC Level 2 Award comprises of 2 units.


Unit 1: This unit provides learners with an understanding of different types of physical intervention and of the laws and risk factors related to physical intervention on young people and vulnerable adults.


Unit 2: This unit covers key principles of disengagement/non-restrictive physical intervention. Learners will also develop practical skills in using non-restrictive physical intervention skills.


On completion of this unit the learner should:

  • Understand the law relating to disengagement and physical intervention when working with young people and vulnerable adults
  • Know the risk factors associated with physical intervention
  • Understand the key principles of disengagement and physical intervention as part of an overall strategy for managing challenging behaviour
  • Be able to use disengagement and non-restrictive physical intervention methods


We teach in compliance with NHS and DfE Guidance.

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All our staff hold teaching qualifications and subject specific qualifications. We are affiliated to, licensed by and quality assured by the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS). We are an awarding body with Highfield Qualifications and Qualsafe Awards offering Ofqual Regulated Qualifications, and deliver BTEC courses by Pearson Edxcel.

We are members of the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM).

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