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Care Home (North London) Case Study

Intelligensa delivers effective ‘control and restraint’ training to the care sector, thereby promoting a safer work environment

About the care home – They are committed to providing extensive support to a wide variety of service users with physical disabilities, adults with mental health needs, learning difficulties and older people.

The Challenge – Intelligensa were approached to assist with training staff that care for a particular client. Carers attend to this person every morning and evening, carrying out personal care in the form of a strip wash in the bed.  When carers arrive, the client gets very agitated and is verbally abusive.  With the help of the client’s partner, the carers attempt to wash them. During this time, the client is non-stop kicking and lashing out with their arms, and hold nothing back in their attempts to hurt anyone nearby.  On many occasions, carers have been kicked, or punched in the face or stomach. Additionally, the client spits in the carers’ faces.

Once washed and dressed, the client is then transferred from the bed onto a wheelchair and then taken into the sitting room, whilst continually lashing out.  In the evening, they are taken from the sitting room back into the bedroom and a similar scenario takes place while the carers put them back into bed.

The Solution - Intelligensa was able to provide the high quality training that the staff needed. They were trained in various practical physical intervention skills that could be used, with particular attention being paid to the issues with this client. Various aspects of the law were taught and also recognising and reducing risks associated with positional asphyxia.

The Result – All staff members that have responsibility for the care of the client are now more knowledgeable and confident when dealing with them. They are able to use practical techniques thereby reducing the risks that they will be injured whilst carrying out the care that is needed for this client and others.

Additionally, Intelligensa reviewed their policies on the use of force and physical interventions, offering advice on how to improve them so they were legally accurate and reducing chances for litigation.

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