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Secondary School Case Study

Intelligensa delivers effective ‘control and restraint’ training to teachers, thereby promoting a safer work environment

About The School

The School in this case study is a large school for 11-16 year olds and offers a wide range of opportunities to pupils and staff alike.

The Challenge

Not only do local authorities, head teachers and governing bodies have a duty of care to their pupils, but also to employees to ensure they do not suffer violence or abuse in their workplace. Many teachers across the country have suffered from some form of physical assault or have been threatened by pupils. It is imperative that these type of risks are assessed and controlled and leadership teams know how to act within the law.

In our case study school, the teachers experienced violence from a student who needed to be restrained. In order to ensure the future wellbeing of its teachers, the Senior Leadership Team reviewed its training requirements and asked Intelligensa to provide adequate training in control and restraint of pupils in particular.

The Solution

Intelligensa delivered invaluable training to the Senior Leadership Team, by educating them on the lawful use of force, with special emphasis on force against pupils.

The Human Rights Act and the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 were also discussed in relation to training and the dangers of positional asphyxia. Intelligensa also taught the Leadership Team some practical physical intervention skills which they could safely and lawfully deploy and advised them of techniques that should not be used.

The Result

Following the training session, staff reported increased confidence and were more knowledgeable of the law regarding restraint. They also felt they had learnt useful, practical restraining techniques and as such were better equipped to deal with these type of situations should the need arise again.

We teach in compliance with NHS and DfE Guidance.

All our staff hold teaching qualifications and subject specific qualifications. We are affiliated to, licensed by and quality assured by the National Federation for Personal Safety (NFPS). We are an awarding body with Highfield Qualifications and Qualsafe Awards offering Ofqual Regulated Qualifications, and deliver BTEC courses by Pearson Edxcel. We are members of the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) and recommended trainers on

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