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Run, Hide, Tell Training

Lets start by remembering, attacks in schools are very rare!


The aim of this course is to be prepared and know how to protect yourself, colleagues and students if the need arises.

  • RUN to safety
  • HIDE if you can't run to safety
  • TELL the police when you are safe.


 This course is delivered as a 2 hour presentation or with increased time, we can include practical skills like the use of tourniquets, surveying your premises looking and advising on safe areas, informing what would be termed as red, amber or green areas and checking mobile phone signals, etc.


This can be an emotive presentation. The presentation will include:

  • A series of clips that run through in sequence, a mixture of terrorist and domestic incidents.  These aim to focus the attendees mind at the start of the course.  Warnings are given before the clips and attendees are free to leave the room before the start, should they wish to. 
  • Delegates will then work through a scenario involving a school/college where an incident is occurring. Possible courses of action are discussed and recorded. Attendees are then debriefed regarding their thoughts and considerations, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each. 
  • Training on the freeze, fight or flight response, invaluable in understanding what is happening to people who are experiencing an attack.
  • The Run – Hide – Tell film is shown, followed by discussion on what it actually means.
  • School policy procedures.
  • Cover from view, cover from fire, and the difference between the two. Where are you running to, where are you hiding?
  • Ballistic protection. How to barricade a door, even if it is locked. 
  • The police response and what to expect. 

Delegates are constantly reassured that attacks in school are very rare.


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