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Tascor, Bristol.
'Great course outline. Good instruction throughout. New skills learnt were more effective and professional' - Patient Transportation Officer

'All training was outstanding, clear, concise and to the point' - Operations Manager, Patient Transportation

'The instructor was good and easy to understand and after completing the course I feel far
more confident and capable in my role' - Patient Transportation Officer
Manone Medical, Liverpool.
'Fantastic training day, tailored to suit our requirements. Enjoyable and memorable teaching style. I would recommend this course to anyone' - Company Director re PMVA Course

'Excellent course delivered by a very knowledgeable instructor' - Company Director re Handcuff Course
Cyprian Care, London.
'An excellent & fantastic course worth attending by all workers dealing with mental health patients.' - Care worker

'Far superior to any other course. Brilliant trainers.' - Care worker

'The trainer was very experienced & knowledgeable. The training was very interactive and enjoyable. He gave opportunity to ask questions & gave very good responses.'

'I found the course really helpful. I gained information that will help me feel safer at work. The information was up-to-date and helpful.'
United Medical, Bristol.
'By far the best PMVA Course I have ever had' - Worker in Mental Health Trust

'Highly commendable training. The most useful and most relevant course for my practice as a mental health nurse' - Nurse in Mental Health Trust.
Servoca, Leeds.
'It was clear and understandable' - Hospital worker

This course was far superior to any other similar courses I have been on' - Mental Health Sector worker

'Excellent' - Hospital worker
Maison Moti, London.
'A superior, excellent & fantastic course worth attending by all staff dealing with mental health patients.' - Care worker.

'The trainer was very experienced and knowledgeable. The training was very interactive and enjoyable. He gave opportunity to ask questions and gave very good responses.' - Care Worker

'I found the course really helpful. I gained information that will help me feel safer at work. The information was up-to-date and helpful.' - Care worker.
The Warren Children's Home, Crawley.
'The training has improved my professional knowledge and confidence' - Carer.

'I enjoyed the course very much' - Carer.
Staffing Connect, Hounslow.
'Fantastic one day training was made to suit the staff needs based on the service users they look after. Everyone left with up to date knowledge and new techniques' - Manager
Ellie Sunrise Healthcare, Derby.
'The instructor was very good. He engaged all participants. This course should be mandatory in all care institutions' - Care worker.

'I wish everyone would have this training before starting work in healthcare' - Care worker.

'The course was professionally done both on law and physical assessments' - Care worker,
Pilgrims Corner, Kent.
'Fantastic - best physical intervention course I have ever attended. Great instructor.' - Carer in Children's Home

'Excellent, concise, easy to remember techniques' - Carer in Children's Home

'Excellent, clear and delivered professionally with extensive knowledge of the law.' - Carer in Children's Home

'The most informative, user friendly course I've had in over 20 years.' - Headteacher, Kent
Homescope, St Helens.
I feel much more confident with the legal position and also the techniques. The trainer was knowledgeable and professional' - Care Manager

'Enjoyable course, simple holds that can be easily remembered' - Director

'Really enjoyed the training, found it very beneficial' - Care worker
Care 24SEVEN, Chiswick, London.
'The training was very enjoyable, effective and useful.' - Carer.

'I will definitely be applying these techniques to my everyday work. Gave us the confidence to exercise our rights and concerns. Learned a lot about the law as well - Carer.
Helme Hall, Helme, Huddersfield.
'Excellent and informative' - Carer

'Very informative and well planned' - Carer
Friends Therapeutic Community Trust, Cambridge.
'This was a very well delivered course with good practical and theoretical components' - staff member.

'Very well done. Professional yet friendly' - staff member.

'Knowledgeable instructor. Well presented. - staff member.
Caring With a Difference, Stanmore.
'The training was far superior to any previous similar training that we have had' - Carer
Social Work Choices, Stafford.
'The course far exceeded my expectations. I have taken extra cards to pass onto other establishments I feel can benefit from this course' - staff member for a children's home
PCT Care Services Ltd., Bacton, Norfolk.
‘The course was excellent. Best course I have ever been on. Feel very confident about doing my job’ - Carer

‘The training was excellent. Very pleased. Left me feeling confident, knowledge of the techniques and where I stand with the law’ - Carer
JME Care, Scunthorpe.
‘Really enjoyed this course. It was full of useful knowledge that will benefit my job role’ - Carer

‘This was a great course and very informative’ - Carer
Elim Healthcare Services Limited, London.
'Excellent trainer. Very informative. The trainer was very good in the delivery of the subject matter' - Healthcare worker
Liberty Staffordshire, Cannock.
'Fantastic! Informative but also enjoyable. It was excellent. Thank you' - Worker

'Interesting and easy to understand the techniques and information provided' - Worker
MCD Care, Southampton.
'Very informative. I learnt things I didn't know prior to training' - Care worker
Wrixon Care, Broxbourne.
'Very knowledgeable trainer who got the message over well' - Secure and non-secure transport staff on restraint equipment course

'The subject was covered extensively, showing correct procedures as well as explaining why alternative methods should not be used' - Secure and non-secure transport staff on restraint equipment course
The AHOY Centre, Greenwich, London.
'Very competent instructor. Made everyone was involved and made sure they had their questions answered' - Care worker
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